Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance

Direct Services is one of the best companies in the sector of generator maintenance in Karachi. We have industry experts and consultants maintaining our Gensets and we offer these services to our customers.

 Our experts and Gensets maintenance consultants are available on call, round the clock and our customers can call us anytime of the day to avail their service. This service can be availed at the time of sudden breakdown of the power supply or at the time when you feel that your generator needs re-haul.

 Direct Services will study the technical specifications of the generator, inspect the systems and then perform the preventive measures for the safety and durability of the generators, as suggested by our experts and consultants. 

The following is the task list at a broader level which we will perform for you,

  • Upgrading or removing the worn out parts of the generator. 
  • Periodic checks of the fluid levels in the generator.
  • Inspecting the battery and physical wire connections. 
  • Constantly checking and monitoring the control panel readings and indicators. 
  • Upgrading and changing fuel filter and air filters as and when needed. 


 Regular and preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring the reliability of your generator. Behind every reliable power generating system is a quality preventive maintenance program in action.

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