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Direct Services provides Kohler generators installation services of the highest standard for generating sets of any size and make. Regular preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring the reliability of your generator. Behind every reliable power generating system is a quality preventive maintenance program in action. Repair & Overhauling Services.

Our business is service, and we maintain strict standards of quality, reliability, continuous improvement and value at an economical cost by providing the following services to every circuit board that we refurbish. Our most commonly repaired Kohler circuit boards are featured in this section. Each circuit board repair is supported with a standard. If your Kohler circuit board is not listed, we can still help you. Please contact us for assistance. Genuine Kohler spare parts are engineered to fit Kohler Engines. A better fit means better fuel efficiency, better oil control and less wear and tear on other engine parts oil for all Kohler Engines.

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Kohler Generators Repairing

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